Our Approach

Objective Based Investing

Do you think about yourself as a medium risk investor, or possibly even a high-risk investor? Or do you think about the things in life you want to achieve using your savings and pension over the coming years?


Rather than build investment portfolios specifically aimed at risk, ours are designed with a specific outcome in mind and we leave it to you and your adviser to find the most suitable way for you to access these outcomes in a way the fits your investment objectives.


Over the years of working with investment clients we found most people want to achieve some mix of the following four things:


protect hard-earned money

Some people want to invest but may need to access the money sooner than planned. Or they may be worried about the world economy and so want to protect what they have. They want to invest, but just don’t like too much fluctuation in the value of their investments. 

grow money for some future purpose

Many people don’t need access to their money. They want to grow it as aggressively as they can perhaps for when they want to retire. These people don’t care about the day to day and month to month swings in the value of the investments as they really are investing for the future.

enjoy HARd-EARNED money

Then there are people who want to enjoy the money that they have built or inherited. Often, they will want to take a regular income, or perhaps take lump sums for holidays. Some might want to gift money over time. Generally, these people worry less about their capital value as long as it supports their lifestyle and plans.

saving for the planet

For many of us, we want to do everything we can to save the planet. This may mean driving an electric car, reducing your carbon footprint or simply reducing the number of deliveries from Amazon! Many people who think this way want to invest so that their investments don’t actively damage the planet. They want their investments to ‘do no significant harm’.

When you understand your objectives, we can build a portfolio that matches those objectives and matches your view towards risk. Your IFA can mix all of these four objectives to help us find a portfolio that is the most appropriate for you.

Keeping in contact

It’s your money and you should know what’s happening to it. This is why you’ll receive a report each quarter to tell how your investments are doing, as well as an update from your IFA telling you what we plan to do over the next 90 days.


We understand that many people don’t like to read long official reports, and so your IFA will send you a video that we will have prepared so that you can sit back, have a cuppa and watch and learn.