Welcome to Trust DFM

Trust DFM was created by IFAs for the Clients of IFAs

We have a unique objective based approach to investing which offers an insight and understanding to clients that we believe cannot be found elsewhere.

Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) have a deep and meaningful relationship with their clients that we feel cannot be replicated by the banks, insurance companies or massive advising firms, and certainly not by ‘bots’ and algorithms over the web. It is this unique relationship that allows IFAs to understand clients, their families, and their lives.


As a client, you want to talk to real people and have real conversations when you need them. This is why you use an IFA.


To support that relationship, an IFA needs to work with firms that understand and support this relationship. It makes sense to use an investment firm who works in this way to manage client’s money. Trust DFM was created by an IFA firm because they needed to manage their clients’ savings and investments in a way that made sense to their clients. We only work with like-minded IFAs who value and prioritise their client relationships.


Working with your IFA, you can build your portfolio to match your investment objectives AND see how this impacts the risk that you are prepared to take, in an easy-to-understand visual way.


Using our unique online assessment tool, your IFA can easily show you how your objectives and appropriate investment risk are combined to determine the types of investments that might be suitable for you.


We understand that many people also want to ensure that the investments they use are not detrimental to the world, and so we also offer a range of Sustainability portfolios, which you can access via The Attenborough Scale®, a specialist strategy which allows you to mix standard investments with those that are designed to create a sustainable world.


Our standard investment models can also be accessed either through our managed range or through our passive range, giving you and your adviser the power to design an investment profile that fits your individual needs.






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